About Louis France

September 1939 may not have been the ideal time to set up in business, with war clouds hanging over Europe but Louis France overcame that hurdle and the company is celebrating over 75 years in business.

The company's story begins when Louis France, then a director of rubber suppliers E Hallowell Carter decided to go it alone. He took with him a Jack Shaw, and they established a company in Upperhead Mills, Jack was later to become a director of the company. When he decided to set up his own company, took the main agency for Rainbow Belting, manufactured by the Dominion Rubber Company of Canada and used for driving machinery in the local textile mills.

But in the dark days of war the company also filled an essential need, supplying steel helmets and firefighting equipment to the textile trade. The business began to grow and Louis France took on another warehouseman Joe Taylor. In 1953 Louis France died and Mr Taylor and Mr Shaw bought the company. 

The company went from strength to strength supplying both the textile and engineering trades.

Even during the recession in the 1970s Louis France continued to fare well. The Health and Safety Act had just been introduced and there was a big market for protective clothing and personal safety equipment. It was a natural progression to get into that sort of market.

With the decline in the textile business and most of the manufacturing business going abroad, the company has had to diversify and has now a product range that goes right from the basic janitorial equipment to high tech speciality products. The market is very competitive, but what gives Louis France the edge over the competition is the personal service given and the fact that only high-quality goods are supplied.

In April 2017 Louis France Ltd became part of the RSH Group


Trading Hours

Monday to Thursday 8.30 - 5.00

Friday 8.30 -4.00